Advanced infrastructure management solutions

  • SLA Management and Reporting Enterprise Class Service Assurance

    SLA Management and Reporting.

    Complete control and visibility into your Enterprise or
    Hybrid Cloud infrastructure

    Real-time end-to-end views into the infrastructure,
    its health, and its effect on critical services.
  • Root Cause Analytics Business Impact
    Root Cause Analytics

    Automatically map application processes to
    the virtualized infrastructure.

    Map business services to applications to proactively
    eliminate impacts on service offerings
    and customers.
  • Hybrid Cloud Virtualization
    Hybrid Cloud

    Simplify management of your VMware, KVM,
    Microsoft or Openstack virtual environments.

    Automatically determine the impact of server,
    network, & storage infrastructure conditions
    on virtualized applications.
  • Cloud-based Service Cloud-based Service

    Our unique approach enables unprecedented
    levels of visibility into the performance and
    availability of Enterprise & Hybrid Cloud resources.

    Eliminate the overhead inherent in a self-hosted
    Enterprise Management platform
    without sacrificing coverage.

AI4Cloud - Artificial intelligence for Cloud

Our unique Cloud-hosted approach for monitoring Enterprise & Hybrid Cloud infrastructures enable unprecedented levels of visibility into the performance and availability of Cloud based resources. Track and improve Business SLAs instead of monitoring infrastructure alerts. Industry leading Automated Cross-Team Collaboration and Root Cause Analytics are key to our solution.

Our solution automates the intelligence of Virtualization experts, Storage experts, Network experts, VoIP experts and more into a single holistic perspective, performing Root Cause Analysis across the infrastructure and across Hybrid Cloud technology domains.

This allows Enterprises to maintain larger environments with more confidence and better SLAs, knowing automated expertise is working to ensure uptime of business services and find problems before they occur.

The secret ingredient that sets AI4Cloud apart from all our competitors is in how we leverage the patented distance-vector based Analytics and other Intelligence capabilities inside our software products. This unique capability allows AI4Cloud to bring to our customers software solutions with embedded human intelligence, creating an actual “thinking” machine dedicated to solving customer problems.

Our Solution contains embedded human knowledge about how IT objects behave and uniquely automates this intelligence for each deployment. That’s why we call it “Smarts”!

How it works

Our unique solution provides a holistic view of IT infrastructure across Data & Voice Networks, Server, Storage, including database & application infrastructure for fault, availability, performance, and capacity management to provide proactive, assured high levels of service, and reduces impacts to business services for our customers. The points below reveal how the solution was built and how it continues to evolve.

  • Subject Matter Experts across a variety of IT disciplines were asked about what kind of problems they experience in their “Domain”, and then investigations were conducted to ascertain the symptoms and behaviors those objects exhibit and how they affect each other.
  • That intelligence about the problems, symptoms, and causal behaviors was then embedded into the software using a powerful semantics-rich object model.The software discovers the environment using this “intelligent” set of objects to create a perfect replica or “Model” of the customer’s IT infrastructure.
  • Through a pioneering breakthrough technology, this “intelligence” then gets automatically and rapidly converted into a dimensional representation a computer can "understand". From there, SMARTS can “think” just like the experts to solve problems across the infrastructure.
  • This unique approach essentially provides the customer virtual subject matter expertise embedded in a “thinking machine” that constantly adjusts to the environment.

This approach allows the combining and leveraging of intelligence from VMware experts, Storage experts, Network experts, VoIP experts, etc. into a single holistic perspective, performing Root Cause Analysis across all systems and across technology domains.

Example technology domains are transport, network, protocol, compute, storage, application, process, and business function.