Advanced infrastructure management solutions

  • SLA Management and Reporting Enterprise Class Service Assurance

    SLA Management and Reporting.

    Complete control and visibility into your Enterprise or
    Hybrid Cloud infrastructure

    Real-time end-to-end views into the infrastructure,
    its health, and its effect on critical services.
  • Root Cause Analytics Business Impact
    Root Cause Analytics

    Automatically map application processes to
    the virtualized infrastructure.

    Map business services to applications to proactively
    eliminate impacts on service offerings
    and customers.
  • Hybrid Cloud Virtualization
    Hybrid Cloud

    Simplify management of your VMware, KVM,
    Microsoft or Openstack virtual environments.

    Automatically determine the impact of server,
    network, & storage infrastructure conditions
    on virtualized applications.
  • Cloud-based Service Cloud-based Service

    Our unique approach enables unprecedented
    levels of visibility into the performance and
    availability of Enterprise & Hybrid Cloud resources.

    Eliminate the overhead inherent in a self-hosted
    Enterprise Management platform
    without sacrificing coverage.

Hybrid Cloud

Developing your own monitoring strategies for Cloud Based IaaS can be a daunting, time consuming and costly undertaking. 

AI4CLOUD's monitoring strategy is built on tested, tried and true methods that work, are cost effective, straightforward to implement and secure.  Our design framework was forged from the work we have done for some of the most advanced technology companies in the world.

We offer a cloud based monitoring SaaS that works with AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure's Cloud OS.   If you desire to implement our strategies in-house we offer products, services and consulting to help you achieve your Hybrid Cloud monitoring goals.

Features and benefits

Our solution uses a fraction of the compute power and bandwidth consumption of competing solutions.  That translates directly to savings in your budget.  Unlike other solutions, our approach allows for predictable, flat and finite costing in your budget planning.  Here are just a few of the highlights of the AI4CLOUD Hybrid Cloud monitoring service solution:

  • True N-Dimensional Root Cause Fault Detection across Network, Compute, Storage, Application, and Business Service/Function.
  • Secure, lightweight polling model.
  • Dynamic auto-discovery of Elastic Cloud compute resources supporting not just VM's but also Docker Containers.
  • Supports Cloud Based Application Cluster discovery of cluster objects (resource groups, cluster health, quorum, dependent resources, etc.)
  • Infinitely customizable endpoint object event monitoring.
  • Integrates Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Enterprise monitoring into one holistic homogenous system with minimum disruption to your current monitoring platform.

Our basic services approach can be combined with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to add advanced deep analytics for critical N-Tier business systems utilizing windows clustering AD, DNS, MSSQL, .Net, IIS, Certificate Services, DRM, NLB, etc.

Is ai4cloud's Hybrid cloud service a fit for you?

  • Would you like to augment Hybrid Cloud monitoring with mini-runbooks and escalation policies?
  • Modern and flexible cloud infrastructures can cause unnecessary and unforeseeable costs. Does your cloud provider's dynamic billing of monitoring services for Storage, Transactions, and Capacity have you thinking that you might receive an undesirable suprise every billing cycle?
  • Already have a monitoring platform and want to use it for Hybrid Cloud based VM instances and applications instead of paying extra for your cloud service providers limited or expensive monitoring?
  • Is your cloud providers monitoring service limitation to only be able to send email insufficient for your alerting and ticketing needs?
  • Do Agent based alternatives to collecting Cloud VM metrics have your team complaining that the manual onboarding and configuration of extensions in the cloud provider's portal will hinder productivity and add labor costs?
  • Deploying Hadoop on Hybrid Cloud and need REAL Hadoop centric monitoring?

If you answered yes to more than a few of these questions, we might be your best choice for Hybrid Cloud Monitoring.