Advanced infrastructure management solutions

  • SLA Management and Reporting Enterprise Class Service Assurance

    SLA Management and Reporting.

    Complete control and visibility into your Enterprise or
    Hybrid Cloud infrastructure

    Real-time end-to-end views into the infrastructure,
    its health, and its effect on critical services.
  • Root Cause Analytics Business Impact
    Root Cause Analytics

    Automatically map application processes to
    the virtualized infrastructure.

    Map business services to applications to proactively
    eliminate impacts on service offerings
    and customers.
  • Hybrid Cloud Virtualization
    Hybrid Cloud

    Simplify management of your VMware, KVM,
    Microsoft or Openstack virtual environments.

    Automatically determine the impact of server,
    network, & storage infrastructure conditions
    on virtualized applications.
  • Cloud-based Service Cloud-based Service

    Our unique approach enables unprecedented
    levels of visibility into the performance and
    availability of Enterprise & Hybrid Cloud resources.

    Eliminate the overhead inherent in a self-hosted
    Enterprise Management platform
    without sacrificing coverage.

AI4Cloud SaaS - Artificial intelligence for your Datacenter hosted in our Cloud

Has your IT infrastructure grown beyond the simple “Collect and Report” capabilities in products like Nagios, Solarwinds, Microsoft SCOM, etc?

 You and your IT department work hard to ensure 100% uptime by creating a resilient infrastructure using redundant systems, links, clustered servers failover strategies and more.

Would you like a solution that actually understands your resiliency posture, pinpoints any loss of redundancy or performance and automatically identifies which business process is at risk?

Put AI to work for you

We provide a more advanced solution that automatically separates Problems from Symptoms, one that does so across Voice Network, Server, Storage and Application Services. Our technology is used by the world’s most sophisticated It environments. Businesses who leverage our technologies include many of the Fortune 1000. Our capabilities are a great fit for all types of businesses from mid-size to large IT environments across a wide variety of industries.

  • Would you like to have a solution that automatically routes a Problem directly to the responsible party while notifying affected stakeholders in real-time?
  • Are you concerned that an advanced solution with these capabilities is too expensive or too complex to maintain?
  • We have developed a finely tuned, highly efficient and robust Remote Monitoring solution delivered as a Service. AI4Cloud maintains the sophisticated purpose-built components and architecture so you don’t have to.
  • Are you sick and tired of expensive, sprawling It monitoring solutions that just don’t seem to be worth the effort they require?.

free UP your IT team.

Give us a call here at AI4Cloud to see how our SaaS solution can get you out of the business of building and managing "monitoring and reporting" systems and finally provide the type of intelligent IT infrastructure insight you’ve been looking for.