Advanced infrastructure management solutions

  • Service Dashboard Ready-to-use, real-time analytics

    Understand how well you are servicing customers.

    See what areas across ALL sources are impacting SLA’s and performance.

    Supports Hybrid Cloud infrastructure
  • Service Dashboard Business Service Risk
    Root Cause Analytics

    Anyone can consolidate data and make it
    look cool.
    Service-oriented Operations need
    Intelligent Automation, Cross-Domain Correlation,
    and Business Context.
  • Service Dashboard Anywhere access
    Hybrid Cloud Support

    Simplify management of your VMware, KVM,
    Microsoft or Openstack virtual environments.

    Automatically determine the impact of server,
    network, & storage infrastructure conditions
    on virtualized applications.
  • Service Dashboard Unified Presentation
    across all Tiers

    Business centric visibility into the performance and
    availability of Enterprise & Hybrid Cloud resources.

    Eliminate the overhead inherent in a self-hosted
    Enterprise Management platform
    without sacrificing utility or coverage.

service dashboard

unified data at all layers of business

Has your IT infrastructure team grown beyond the basic “Collect and Report” capabilities available in products like Nagios, Solarwinds, Microsoft SCOM, etc?

  • Service Dashboard aligns performance and fault data to deliver a unified perspective for the business stakeholders, IT, and Operations.

Too much data, too many tools? Not leveraging the tools you have? Don’t know what to do with it all?

  • Investments can run deep in operational tools, & continue to proliferate in support of data lakes, cloud offerings, converged infrastructure, etc..
  • Service Dashboard can help you achieve value from those investments by using the data more effectively to predict and prevent service impacting issues across IT silos. Service Dashboard makes data actionable.


  • Improved customers perceptions and experience
  • Reduce ticket and event counts
  • Reduce downtime and cost of outages
  • Turn Operations into a proactive, responsive machine
  • Provide teams the ability to quickly identify a root-cause
  • Leverage existing sources of data more effectively
  • Capitalize on previous investments by transforming data into actionable information
  • Improve operations and take control of the organization.
  • Know the real story on how your apps are serving the business
  • Scale with the Enterprise

The Results

The results are real and you don’t have to wait months for them. Service Dashboard is quick and easy to use and simplifies OSS orchestration efforts across and between IT and business operations.

  • Identify key trends on business service 'health’. Go beyond the CPU graph or simple IT metric. Holistic visibily into how the IT infrastructure is actually serving the business.
  • The executive teams finally get the reports they've been asking for... and they are on-time!
  • An exceptional end user experience that doesn’t require an engineering degree to use.
  • Better decisions around technology spend and operational support.
  • Improved levels of service and better response from support.
  • Simplified visibility into infrastructure, applications, and the hybrid environments of today.
  • Real-time insight into the operational effectiveness of fault management, ticketing, and remediation.

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