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Enterprise IT infrastructures comprise a vast ecosystem of interrelated and dynamically interactive components. These components function together in real time to support Business functions. Consequently, quality of service and up time is paramount.

Customers of Enterprise IT demand 100% uptime and furthermore, thanks to breakthrough technologies like virtualization & automated orchestration tools, they expect rapid access to resources. In order to deliver on these expectations, IT organizations have to deliver two basic things. One, they need to deliver rapid resource delivery and more recently self-service to resources through such offerings as private and hybrid cloud services. Two, they have to deliver and maintain a robust fault tolerant infrastructure as foundational support.

In order to deliver high quality services, IT organizations implement a variety of redundancy and fault tolerance mechanisms on which IT services depend. Technologies and approaches to deliver on this promise include things like HSRP, redundant links and routes, ISL’s, load balancers, server clustering, application or OS level failover, etc. These characteristics are also very dynamic by nature. It is this resiliency that supports application services that ultimately support the business.

When a component fails or is misconfigured, the expectation is that the built-in redundancy will provide business continuity until the problem is resolved.   A major challenge with today’s management platforms is that they are not “Smart” enough to automatically discover and monitor these complex dynamic relationships much less “understand” the resiliency posture or dependencies inherent in these structures. Even more troubling is that most, if not all of these solutions are incapable of tying back the resiliency status to the associated business functions that are put at risk.

Our solution builds an AI based “mental picture” of these resiliency mechanisms and automatically understands when the dependent Application or Service is at risk. Our Business Impact intelligence links high level business functions, departments, customers and business services to the Applications dependent on the underlying infrastructure. With our solution, stakeholders are automatically alerted when there is a risk to business service, before there is an outage.

A.I. - Aligning Business Goals with I.T. Health

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Our solution saves labor by putting the right person on the job while alerting affected stakeholders it’s not their problem to fix as well as keeping IT Management aware of any risks or impact to the business.

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  • improve fault tolerance & visibility
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